Thursday, April 21, 2016

Borjaar Interview

In the new interview series from True Balearic, we discuss music with some of the artists who are passionate about dance culture in the islands. The first edition features none other than Borja Alcántara, aka Borjaar. Born in Menorca, the 26 year old resident DJ of Puro and Sub Urban has been playing music for 10 years. We spoke with him about his musical influences, nightlife experiences, and where we will be able to catch his next DJ set.

Hello Borja! Thanks for joining us. You recently mixed the 27th episode of Puro Music's podcast, which we really enjoyed listening to. Where did you record the mix? who are some of your artistic inspirations as a DJ?

I recorded the mix live at the Purobeach Season Opening event. My artistic inspirations as a Dj are Laurent Garnier, Apollonia (Dyed Soundorom, Dan Ghenacia, Shonky), Phill Weeks, D'Julz, Djebali... to name a few.

Nice, sounds like you have a definite French influence in your style. Can you tell us about your first experience with dance music?

My first experience with dance music was when I was 15 years old and I discovered Trentemoller. There began my interest for dance music.

Right on, I still remember his track for Naked Music. It was way ahead of it's time. You're originally from Menorca, do you travel back often, and if so what is the nightlife like there compared to in Mallorca where you live now?

Yes, i'm from Menorca. I usually travel back at least once a year, and about the nightlife there I can't say too much because I moved to Mallorca very young, but I think the nightlife there only exists in summer and it's not the kind I like hahaha

Tell us about your early years as a DJ, with Sub_Urban Festival and at parties in the villages in Mallorca, how did these years effect your desire to become a DJ and work with music as a career?

Well, it all started as a hobby for me. In all these years I learned a lot about music and Dj skills with all the great artists I worked with, both as a DJ or promoter.

What are some of your favorite record labels right now?

Robsoul, Signatune Records, Bass Culture, Overall Music, Ondule Recordings, Djebali, Cabinet Records...

If you had to pick one record producer who you can always count on for great music, who would it be?

Chris Carrier.

The track at 15 minutes in your Puro Music mix is pretty sweet, what's the name of that one and where did you find that?

It's called "Situation feat. Andre Espeut - Get To Know Me (Original Mix)" and I think I found it in a random music search over Traxsource.

Good choice. I was curious, do you go to Barcelona often? What are some of the best parties you've been to there in recent years?

Well, in the past years I think I travelled to Barcelona very often and the best party where I have been there it was a few weeks ago at the Brunch Electronik.

What are the next dates you are DJing in Mallorca so we can add the dates to our calendar?

I will be at Purobeach every Thursday and at Opio Bar in Puro Hotel every Friday.

Awesome. We'll see you there. Follow Borjaar on Facebook and listen to his live set recorded at Purobeach Palma Bay Season Opening here:

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